I believe: If you can breathe you can practice yoga ....

"I have managed to avoid exercise for most of my 51 years but got to the stage where I was looking for something that suited me and my hectic lifestyle. I think I have found a form of exercise which is both beneficial and leaves me feeling energised, something I haven't felt for a long time." Julie - Ashford

“Its nice to know that us ladies of the “fuller figure” can do yoga too”! Joan – Ashtead.

“I needed a class that would fit in with my busy life and give me a chance to improve my flexibility and toning having had three children. Amanda's relaxed and supportive approach was just what I needed. The relaxation techniques are wonderful, I always sleep well after my yoga class.” Sarah – Leatherhead

“I didn't think I could ever do something like yoga as I cannot get down onto the mat. I have loved doing yoga from my chair. My spine feels released, my body feels lighter and boy do I sleep! Thank you ..” Eric – Ashtead

“A lovely class as always Amanda. Your gentle approach creates the sort of safe environment I need to develop my practice and my confidence!. Its nice to be in a class where there is no competition, and that where I am at right now is more than good enough!” Ann – Bookham

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